Bills vs. Rams


Yesterday we had the first NFL game of the season between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams. This game was packed with action from both sides of the field. Josh Allen and the Bills took the early lead scoring in their first drive making it a 7-0 game in the first quarter. But the Rams quickly followed up, getting the ball back, but got stopped by the Bills defense again. In the 2nd quarter there was a fumble that the Rams had recovered. This was quickly followed by an interception by the Bills’ defense. After a few more completed passes the Bills were in field goal range. The special teams came out and made it a 10-0 game with 8 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter. The Rams followed up by driving the ball downfield, and scoring their first touchdown of the game making it a 10-7 game with the Bills leading. The Rams also ended up getting the ball back and scoring a field goal and made it a tie game by halftime. The 3rd quarter came quickly and the Rams received the ball but got stuffed by the Bills’ defensive line, forcing them to punt. The Bills quickly answered back, scoring and leaving 8 minutes on the clock making it a 17-10 game. Rams’ offense came out looking to score but again got stopped by the Bills’ defense, closing out the 3rd quarter. The Rams offense wasn’t playing well, and so was their defense, which led to the Bills making it a 3 score game and the final score being 31-10.