Profile: Student Life at Elsinore with Natthanon Mayang


In this interview, you’ll learn about Natthanon Mayang and who he is as a student at Elsinore High School, and who he is outside of school. To start off he is a junior at Elsinore High School and is an amazing person who has a great sense of humor. His favorite thing about going to Elsinore are soccer and friends–he’s been playing soccer for almost 2 years and has made friends with a lot of people. His favorite class is first-period Human Anatomy with Mr. Kirschman, because ” I have friends in his class and it’s an easy class.” He likes to hang out with his friends at the tiger statue. Sadly he doesn’t go to any after-school events or games because ” I’m always busy with my younger brother and babysitting.” He plays one sport and that is soccer. He’s waiting for his soccer season to start so he can try to get on the varsity team this year. He started playing soccer because “I thought it was a fun sport and I enjoy running.” In soccer, they practice mostly on footwork and have set days for conditioning so they can build endurance for their games. Outside of school, he takes care of his younger brother and rides his BMX bike. He loves his BMX bike because he cruises and occasionally does tricks on his bike. Right now he is enrolled in a solid works class which is a class about 3D modeling and engineering. He said he doesn’t work a job yet because “my parents don’t want me to work this young.” This is Natthanon Mayang.–in school and outside of school, he’s a great guy. In school and outside of school take it from his best friend the author of this article, he is also “single and ready to mingle.”