Hurricane Ian


Hurricane Ian is the latest hurricane that has hit Florida and is now heading towards South Carolina. There has been a dangerous storm surge, flash flooding and high winds. There were 16 storm-related deaths in Lee county. County sheriff Carmine Marceno said, “Our hearts go out to friends and family who lost their loved one in this tragic storm. We are here for you and we will get through this together.”

There is a count of 42 storm-related deaths that is attributable to Hurricane Ian. Governor Ron DeSantis listed that there were 42 storm-related deaths. Most people didn’t believe that the storm surge would be over 7 feet tall. There was a huge amount of water that was on the road that is traveling across the island. The mayor said that the island would most likely be closed for a few days. 1.7 million people in Florida have lost power in their homes. In South Carolina, there have been over 211,000 people that have lost power.