The 2016 Video Game Overwatch is Coming Out With Overwatch 2


Maddy Martinez

In 2016, Overwatch was released on May 26th. The game is a team-based, first person shooter game. Overwatch had about 7 million online players who played the game when the game released. The company Blizzard announced that the upcoming Overwatch 2 is coming out on October 4th 2022. Overwatch 2 is going to be the same as the original game Overwatch, but with some changes. Fans expected several changes for each of the game’s heroes. Some heroes would be likely getting changed and some few heroes, if any, will stay just the way they are. Overwatch 2 beta gave fans a taste on some of the adjustments that will come in the future release of the game. The game is also moving down from a PvP format to 5v5 and with one fewer tank. The original Overwatch had 6v6 and 1 main tank so it’s gonna be a different experience without the 6v6 format.

I started playing Overwatch around the middle of 2020 (summer basically) and played the game about a year on Nintendo and about 2 years on PlayStation. Nintendo didn’t have the best quality and graphics so I switched consoles and played on PlayStation. As of right now I’m currently on level 94 on Overwatch. I’m trying to push myself to get to level 100 and take my skills to the competitive world. I played competitive on Nintendo and if I can remember I think I reached gold or silver. I played competitive when I was around level 60 on Nintendo and wanted to see how good I was on During that season you’ll get Player Icons and I got the Season 26 Competitor on Nintendo. I want to try playing competitive on PlayStation too and see how much I gain on skills and what I need to work on more. I mainly play tank and damage and the heroes I play are, Solder 76, Echo, Tracer, Lúcio, and Reaper. I have about 60 hours on, 4 hours on Echo, Solder 76 and Lúcio, and 1 hour each for Reaper and Tracer. I know I play a lot on, but I’m very good on her. I have about 180 hours played on Nintendo and close to have 170 hours played on PlayStation.