Electric Vehicles


In this crazy time everyone seems to be coming out with electric cars, or EVs. Supposedly they are supposed to be helping the earth, for example saving on gas. But I beg to differ, I say that this is harming the environment a lot more. There are a lot of new cars that are coming out in 2023, and this is just a small list of them: the BMW 7 Series / i7 2023 BMW XM, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, the Dodge Hornet, the Ferrari Purosangue, and the Honda CR-V. The presence of an electric-powered battery in lieu of an internal combustion engine allows these cars to roam the roadways without producing any harmful tailpipe emissions. But between manufacturing, charging and recycling them, these batteries may not be as green as they seem. It begs the question: are electric car batteries bad for the environment? The environmental toll of electric car batteries begins before the product is even assembled, most notably in the mining of its active material, lithium.