Video Games


I think video games are pretty fun for playing solo and with a couple of friends. Some friends and I were playing Fortnite for the first time in awhile and it was pretty easy. My friend I was playing was supposed to eliminate a guy in the water. He was so easy to kill but my friend was reviving me and my friend and we literally screamed at him ”HE’S RIGHT THERE!” and it was pretty fun overall. I usually play often but not everyday because you know, homework it pretty hard, doing so many missing assignments, but it’s cool. My favorite video games playing solo are GOD OF WAR, MINECRAFT, and story mode or like my career games. The reason I love playing video games so much is because I grew up with playing video games and it’s basically in the whole family or at least my siblings. My sister basically had all the game consoles like ps2, ps3, ps4 and hopefully she has a ps5 soon and my brother who’s older than me would always would play me. He would be like ”yo, let me play you’ve been on too long.” It was annoying back then but it’s cool he’s my brother and everything for me. This is why I love video games so much and hopefully you guys do too.