Profile: Student Life at Elsinore With Jasmine Espinoza


In this week’s interview, you’ll learn about Jasmine Espinoza and who she is as a student at Elsinore High School and out of school. To start, she’s funny and energetic and overall a great person. Her favorite thing about going to Elsinore High School is her friends, the polite teachers and the nice environment at the school. She is hoping to get into softball next year for her senior year because “My dad has always been in a baseball league so he passed down the interest in baseball to me and I also watch the baseball games with my dad; I got the interest to play through my Dad and the games we watch together.” Her favorite class is Algebra 2 because “when you understand the concepts it’s easier to apply yourself to class and to help others in the class.” She usually hangs out in the quad with her friends during break, but during lunch she goes to room 819 and hangs with her friends and eats lunch. She is going to start volunteering for community service hours at the Wildomar library, and she currently is doing community service with the school as a tutor for math in classes Algebra 2 and below. This is Jasmine Espinoza at Elsinore and outside of Elsinore-she loves to contribute to her community and help others so if you ever need a helping hand just look for Jasmine.