MF Doom


MF Doom or Daniel Dumile was a British-American rapper who created music from 1988 to 2020. His first album he made was called Mm... Food which had 15 songs. The reason MF Doom got famous was from an album called Madvillain he made with a producer called Madlib. This album really made MF Doom get famous by just how good it was. He was different from other rappers and artists because of how he would do his lyrics and rhymes, and he would include little parts from a TV show at the end of his music to give more of a “vibevillain vibe.” MF Doom would use a mask in his shows to add to the mystique of his character, and it would also make DOOM standout. Doom started wearing his mask either between 1997 or 1998. MF Doom only had one good concert which was at the Kool Haus in 2010MF Doom was sadly struck by a car and killed while crossing the Long Island Expressway. His death really impacted rappers and artists because a lot of artists stated that he changed the whole aspect of music and inspired a lot of people to see music. He died on October 31st, 2020, and after his death he was 80 percent down with another album with the producer Madlib.