Back In the Day Thanksgiving


Many Americans love to eat. Thanksgiving is a great time to stuff your face with moist turkey and buttery mashed potatoes. For dessert, you can have sweet pumpkin or pecan pie. It’s a good thing this holiday is coming up. But do you ever wonder what it would be like to go back in time to over 400 years ago to the first Thanksgiving? Let’s explore what they ate back then vs what we eat today.

Let’s start with the meat. When you think of Thanksgiving you usually think about eating some kind of meat, unless you are a vegetarian. Not everyone eats turkey, but come on, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some kind of meat. Back in 1621, they served birds but not turkey. They tried to find a creature that was abundant to the land. This usually was a type of duck, goose, or swan. And what about the stuffing? They filled these luxurious birds with herbs, onions, and even nuts. They might have even had seafood, like lobster, bass, clams, and oysters.