Rampage of the 04′ KILLDOZER

Rampage of the 04 KILLDOZER

Air Force veteran and Granby newcomer Marvin Heemeyer relocated to Granby, CO with dreams of creating a Muffler Shop chain. His plans were derailed after logistical obstacles and fines found their way into Marv’s mailbox. The 2 acre- Granby property Heemeyer purchased was wanted by one of Granby’s most successful family dynasties… and after years of legal battles, Marvin Heemeyer lost the fight. The Granby good ole boys took a section of his land and ran him out of business. But Marv was far from over. Over the course of a year, Marvin Heemeyer modified his Komatsu D355A bulldozer into an indestructible machine… He added armored plates, insulated with concrete, to create a tank like shell over the cab of the dozer. On June 4th 2004, Marvin Heemeyer drove through the doors of his secret warehouse in the Killdozer, seeking revenge on all who wronged him.”You had to take me on in mass! Well, I’m gonna take you on by my self…” he said. Marvin Heemeyer bought land in Granby and made a Muffler shop. His neighbors were not too pleased, including Cody Dosher. Cody tried to buy the property for 250,000 dollars but, Marvin Heemever raised it to 375,000 and eventually to 1,000,000 and that made Cody and the other neighbors mad! Marv later received a notice that his sewage was not up to code. Marv thought it was no big deal, but it turned into a very big one when it would cost 100,000 dollar estimate. Marvin also had to seek the approval through his neighbor Cody because he owned a concrete plant next door to Marv. Marvin went straight to the board and had to go through Ron Thompson, a friend of Cody and just like Cody he hated outsiders like Marvin. Ron Thompson said 90,000 dollars to get a sewage ordeal, but Marv refrained from that, hoping to get a price cheaper. Now everything for Marvin was cut off because of his sewage problem. They cut the road off for construction to Marvin’s muffler shop which made Marv lose customers so he bought a bulldozer and tried to make his own road. The board cut that off too and on top of all of that, now Marv can’t make money. Marv was now getting fined 1,000 dollars a day for his sewadge problem.

Now Marv felt completely violated and had enough. Marvin went to court with the town of Granbey and that went very poorly and now he is facing more fines and looks like a bad guy. Now he was in a situation he couldn’t get out of. Whether or not they had malicious intent, if you carry the tools to break a man, and present yourself as the villain, perception is reality. Marvin fortified half inch steel plates insulated with concrete on his bulldozer.

He said, “I have had a perfect life, up until I had found out what the Thompsons had done to me in 92′ and I am not gonna take it and I have to use the resources that I have, the wherewithal that I have, the ability that I have, the knowledge that I have to make this right, I am not walking away with it, maybe I’m being a coward by doing what I’m doing because without a doubt I’m doing what you have done I’m-I’m lying. I’m conspiring. I’m keeping things secret. AND IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. If I would have been married, or had a family, you know things may have gone different. But, GOD BUILT ME. For this JOB. You had-You had to take me on in mass. Well-I’m going to take you on…by myself…”

On June 4th, 2004, at 3pm, Marvin took the bulldozer straight through Cody Dosher’s Mountain view concrete plant. Marvin’s arch nemesis Cody Dosher tried to stop the onslaught by ramming Marv’s KILLDOZER with a wheel tractor scraper. But, he retreated when Marvin opened fire through 1 of 3 gun ports he installed in the KILLDOZER. Once the concrete plant was completely demolished Marvin had moved on to the town hall. After destroying the town hall he went to the newspaper office that slandered his name. Police responded to the cause but had no means of stop the bulldozer as their futile attempts to open fire on the fortified shell proved useless. Using cameras installed on the top of the shell, Marv was able to maneuver and return fire on police. Officer Glen Trainer rushed the bulldozer and hopped on top of it, in an attempt to find and opening, but to his surprise the entire shell was welded shut. Marvin Heemeyer had no way out. Marvin Heemeyer had no way out. Then Colorado state governor Bell Owens requested the National Guard dispatch an apache attack helicopter as well as troops equipped with anti tank javalin missiles. While striking a hardware store the KILLDOZER turtled between the foundation and the basement leaving the dozer stuck. After 2 hours of pure carnage the SWAT team approached the dozer and reported hearing the sound of a single gunshot from within. Marvin with no way out and no way to free the dozer, took his life.


After hours of trial and error they finally broke open the KILLDOZER with a cutting torch and recovered Marvin Heemeyers body at approximately 2am. The KILLDOZER was demo-ed and i’s components were destroyed and dispersed throughout several junk yards. The rampage caused at least 7,000,000 dollars in damage and nobody was killed or injured during the incident apart from Marvin Heemeyer. Leading up to the incident, Marv gave away all of his financial assets to his friends and family and left various notes behind for his friends and his enemies. In the end it was perceived that Marv was sabotoging Dosher’s business plans and not the other way around. And no matter how you look at it (PERCEPTION IS REALITY).”You Granby have got to learn to listen. Can you hear me now”?-Marvin Heeymeyerhttps://youtu.be/LZK9XthMZ1w: movie on the KILLDOZER