Profile: Student Life at Elsinore with Jayden Steele


For this week’s interview you’ll learn about Jayden Steele and who he is as a student at Elsinore High School and out of school. To start he’s funny when you get to know him and loves to play games. His favorite thing about Elsinore is the soccer guys because “they are the ones that I hang out with the most since moving to this school.” He is hoping to make the Varsity Soccer team next year, he’s working on 1 on 1 mechanics such as Robinho step. His favorite class is leadership because “The teacher is probably one of the best teachers in the school, I get to help out with the peer buddies and because we get to set up the rallies for the school. He usually hangs out in room 819 while he eats his lunch with friends and in the mornings he is by the 300’s bathroom watching his TV show. He is going to start practicing volleyball and soccer more at the Creekside park. On a side note he thinks all of the soccer girls are really pretty. This is Jayden Steele a student at Elsinore High School and a friend.