$2 Million Bail Bond For Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez


In this week’s story I will be talking about Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez’s attempted murder charge. I will be summarizing Mark Sternfield’s story on KTLA News written on November 17th, You can find the link below the story. 22 year old Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, I’ll use Nicholas for short, was charged with attempted murder of a peace officer while other charges are pending. His bond is set at 2 million said on Thursday by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. It was said he drove on the wrong side of the road into a group of law enforcement recruits. The Sheriffs department wants to thank the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the incredible medical staff who are caring for the ones injured in the accident. Nicholas had drugs in the car and may have been intoxicated during the accident although he passed a field sobriety test. Security cameras show Nicholas steering in to the opposite lane into 75 recruits from the Star Center Academy, who were jogging on Mills Avenue around 6:30 a.m. The car was then stopped after hitting a light pole whilst 25 recruits were injured, five of them critically. “The driver still had his foot on the accelerator, so my boyfriend had to break the glass or the window open to try to get him to stop,” said by a women from KTLA. “Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to. But they were able to open the door and get the driver out and detain him.” Authorities are still trying to figure out why Nicholas drove into the jogging recruits on November 16th 2022. That will be it for this week’s story thank you for reading and have a great week! :D.