Man Who Threatened to Crash into Walmart With a Plane Dies in Federal Custody


Photo Credit: antoshkaforever

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Cory Patterson was the man who stole and threatened to crash into Walmart with a plane, who mdied on Monday while in federal custody. Patterson was 29 and was not a licensed pilot. He pleaded not guilty with charges of grand larceny and terroristic threats.

Patterson had called 911 to say that he was going to crash into a Walmart. This threat caused chaos to the city, so the local store and its surroundings were evacuated. The Tupelo Police attempted to guide Patterson into landing at an airport, which he eventually did and was arrested. Federal Bureau officers were notified of Cory Patterson’s death. There is not much information about the death, and it is still under investigation. They are working to return the body of Cory Patterson back to his family.