Serial Killer in Custody Charged for Killing 4 Women in Canada

Jeremy Anthony Michael Skibicki, a 35 year old of Winnipeg, has been charged with a first-degree murder for the deaths of the four women. There is no information if he has an attorney.

The investigation dates May 16 when the Winnipeg police shared information on the murder of Rebecca Contois, a 24 year old woman, after her remains were discovered at Crane River First Nation.

Skibicki was arrested on May 18th by the agency’s Homicide Unit with a charge of first-degree murder. During the investigation 2 more victims were identified: Morgan Beatrice Harris, a 39 year old, believed to be killed around May 1 and Marcedes Myran, 26 year-old, believed to be killed around May 4th;

According to the release, both women were members of the Long Plain First Nation. The fourth victim was also confirmed, but not identified, and believed was killed around May 15th. This investigation will still continue and is not over, Inspector Shawn Pike said.