What is Cats & Soup?


Cats & Soup is a free idle video game for phones on the App Store and Google Play. The graphics of the game are quite good and it runs smoothly. In this game, you get cats who make soup which you sell for money. With this money you can buy new stations to make better soup and get more cats to work the stations, as well as upgrading these stations in order to make more money. It is an idle game, so it is mostly a game where you come back to check in on everyone once in a while to see what you’ve gotten while you were away.

You can unlock 3 treasure chests a day to gather items for your cats to wear to make them more efficient. Every 2 hours or so, you can also get fish to feed your cats to make their bond stronger. There is also a claw machine you can do 5 times a day to unlock valuables like coins, orbs, and gears, which can be used to skip time or design the look of the place. And the best part of it all, the cats are super cute.