My After Hours Till Dawn Concert Experience


Last month in November I went to The Weeknd’s After Hours Till Dawn concert and this was my experience. I arrived at 6 PM because we thought the actual concert started at 6 but it was just a bunch of different DJs. It was a couple hours later when the actual concert started, and I remember the exact moment it happened. All the lights shut off, an ambulance started playing and people in red sheets went under the moon. Abel finally came out and started singing his first song “After Hours.” After that it was Gasoline, Sacrifice, Take my Breath, The Hills and it went on from there. For my first concert, it was the best for sure. I loved watching him perform, like the moment I had dreamed of for years had came to reality. It was such a fun time dancing and singing his songs. Losing my voice at the concert was such a good feeling because I had sung my heart out with my family and friends. If I had the chance to go back to the concert, I definitely would.  All in all, I love this man named “The Weeknd”.