My Utah Trip Coming Up Soon


this was taken in 2019 driving to utah :)

This February after Winter Formal on the 4th, I will be driving to Utah on the 9th or 10th for about 4-5 days. I will be staying in a cabin with my parents, my sister, my nino and his family, and my auntie’s other family members. The first day we get there we are thinking of just chilling and unpacking before the next day we go skiing and snowboarding. I have never gone snowboarding before, but I have gone skiing and I love skiing. I think I have a passion for skiing because when I first did it, it was the most amazing experience I ever experienced. The next day after skiing and snowboarding my parents want to try snowmobiling and tubing. The other days I think we’ll stay with snowboarding and skiing since the Super Bowl will be happening. We have other things planned that I don’t know yet but the date is around the corner and I’m so excited. (I’ll be writing about my experience after the trip!)