Athlete Mental Health


Mental health is a huge problem in today’s society, and mental health has a lot to do with sports. Athletes who play a very challenging sport have a lot of challenges physically and mentally. A lot of kids these days have a difficult time while playing sports, They can’t sleep right, they don’t eat, their mind isn’t in the right place, they can have mood swings and also aggressive behavior. Athletes lose their set motivation and confidence and once that’s gone athletes quit their sport or even do much worse than that. An athlete’s mental health can be due to a coach that isn’t supportive, or comparing themselves to others. As an athlete myself there have been many times where I wanted to quit the sport that was my entire life because of bad coaching and getting compared. That was until I found a perfect coach that supported me and believed in me. Athletes’ mental health should always be recognized and taken seriously. Even if they don’t show it, always ask questions because over time a lot of student athletes take their own lives.