Edgar Allan Poe Facts

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Edgar Allan Poe Facts

Gabbie Muniz, Managing Editor

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Edgar Allan Poe is a historical author well-known for his short stories and poems that millions of people read and study throughout the world.

  1. Poe’s mother, Elizabeth, died when he was just 3 years old.
  2. His father was an alcoholic and abandoned Edgar and other children after the death of Elizabeth and died probably after 2 days.
  3. Poe was orphaned and adopted by John and Frances Allan. Edgar adopted the name “Allan” from them.
  4. In 1815, he moved to London along with his foster family and then in 1820, they moved to Virginia. He was engaged in gambling and this became a problem for his foster father and as a result, he was kicked out from the University of Virginia due to unpaid fees. His foster father disowned him after the death of Frances Allan.
  5. In 1827, he then enrolled in the army as Edgar A. Perry.
  6. “The Raven” was the personal challenge for Edgar that he imposed upon himself. This masterpiece put Poe on the map and made him a popular author overnight.
  7. Poe would place his beloved cat on his shoulder when he began to write.
  8. In 1849, he was found wandering in terrible condition on the streets of Baltimore. He admitted to the hospital for four days and died in a mysterious condition because all medical records including his death certificate have been lost.