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On September 12,2018, the Tiger family was informed that our beloved teacher ,Ms.Rukasin, had passed away. Ms.Rukasin had been a teacher at Elsinore High School for over twenty years, and she has two kids that love her dearly. Ms. Rukasin was truly an inspirational, positive, and caring person. She was always so positive, happy, and loving, she always knew how to make others happy. Ms.Rukasin was more than a teacher, she was our family and she treated her students like her own children. If you ever asked Ms. Rukasin to attend any school event she would gladly be there, cheering you on in the crowd. The only difference between Ms. Rukasin and the crowd is that her smile and positivity would stand out above anyone else. Everyone dearly misses her already and this year is going to be difficult without our beautiful and loving teacher.

Ms.Rukasin had the tendency of teaching her students positivity and kindness, and every week she would have a quote on her whiteboard. The last most inspiring quote that she wrote on her board was, “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” This is important to us because it teaches us that life is too short and to make every day count. Although this tragedy has greatly impacted our students, we send our condolences to the teachers and her family. WE ALL LOVE YOU MS. RUKASIN AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.