Typhoon Mangkhut

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On September 7th of 2018 Typhoon Mangkhut formed. The center of the storm was located 900 km east of the Marshall Islands, and within the span of 48 hours the storm has continued to grow in size. With how big this storm continues to grow a couple of communities are reported to be damaged. The authorities have already evacuated over 15,000 people to southern China as this storm continues to move upward. As this storm traveled up from the Philippines and into China, at least 54 have lost their lives. Houses and families have been ripped apart by this big tragedy taking away food, shelter, and jobs. The disaster has caused many landslides and floods which have killed 35 people and dozens have gone missing. The country’s president Rodrigo Duterte will being visiting the affected areas as soon as he can to check in on the families who have almost lost everything to this storm. They have almost 20,000 emergency shelters open for all the victims of the hurricane.