Homecoming Nominations

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Homecoming Nominations

A student approached me with some concerns about Homecoming voting.  The views below are the views of this student and do not necessarily represent the views of myself or the Tiger Times.

Student Interview:

There are approximately 2,000 kids at EHS. Out of  those 2,000 students, only a handful of them vote for school functions.

The “rules” as a homecoming nominee are under no circumstance are you allowed to advocate for yourself if you want to be nominated, or you will be disqualified, which is completely unfair.

Simply telling your friends you want to run is a valid practice, and should be allowed. It lets students who are less known and unpopular have a chance to win, instead of the court being completely dominated by ASB nominees.

Electing court members is practice for real life voting. If you don’t advertise your position, people WILL NOT vote-and we see this in practice.

I propose we change this rule.

We need to let the less known and unpopular kids have a chance.


A Concerned Student