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The T in LGBT

Happy National Coming Out Day: A Personal Story

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Everyone has transitions in their life whether it be socially, moving to new houses or new schools, or getting used to a new pet. Even so, a change that is all mentally, physically, and emotionally chaotic is extremely tiring too.

Many people are aware of the acronym LGBT standing for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender.  Today you’ll leave having a better understanding from this intro to the  T in LGBT.

The book definition of Transgender states that:

“Transgender means denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.”

However, it’s an umbrella term for people who don’t correspond with their biological sex, mentally, who thus desire to correct their gender to what makes them feel comfy. Non-Binary is an example of those who don’t feel they fit within the binary (specific) labels of Male and Female; they can stand somewhere in between, being more feminine, or masculine, or maybe nothing at all! Labels don’t have a “Look.” Whatever you might feel gender-wise, even sexuality-wise, YOU are the one who understands yourself, and can express yourself anyway you’d like!

Pre-Testosterone Oct. 2018

June 2018

Personally, I am what you call an FTM (Female to Male) Transgender male, and represent myself as”gender-queer.” “Queer” doesn’t fit in one specific category–I dress and represent myself as manly, androgynous, but maybe even pop some earrings on–the way you identify and represent yourself can be different, so you should wear what you like.

I’ve struggled with Gender Dysphoria most of my life, but didn’t fully understand the extent of the meaning of my “Dysphoria” until about a few years ago. My skin crawled and my nerves chilled when I was faced with the look of hips and breasts attached to my body. I thought that it was just me being insecure, until I realized it was gender related, and a constant, constant pain.  Feeling alienated mentally and physically, it became clear to me that it wasn’t normal to feel this way, not comfortable in my body.

I looked at boys, longing to wish to have the rectangular straight figure, the square face, facial hair, flat chest, everything. It’s a huge killer of emotions, self esteem, and mental health having dysphoria, as mentally my mind tells me I feel a hell of a lot better expressing masculine traits and being a man, and that I’m not a girl. It’s extremely distracting throughout the day and sometimes so upsetting I don’t want to go to school. I bind my chest and wear saggy pants along with men’s clothing, cologne, and have cut my hair to help enhance a male appearance, for now until I’m older and can transition medically.

March 2018

Doing these things helps calm down my dysphoria. It never goes away, however, but with the help of hormone treatments and surgery in the future it can become minimal. It’s all a personal preference of others who are trans what they want to do! It’s a long painful process but everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin, even if that means modifying yourself completely to be happy, if that’s how you feel. I’m grateful for the students and teachers who have supported me through it this  year.

Socially, I’ve transitioned with the use of Pronouns and a rather “preferred” name for myself. He/Him pronouns and the name Ronee make me feel like a million bucks, unlike my dead name (name given to me at birth) and She/Her pronouns that would spike my anxiety and make me feel like people didn’t see me the way I saw my own self on the inside. I felt a dagger through the heart and a body dipped in lava as wet teared up painful eyes blurred the road to my happiness. I am much happier emotionally now continuing my transition.

This will be an ongoing series of experiences and projects related to my transition. I hope this was a good intro to my story,-there’s so much to cover, learn and share with the world. Mental health and self identity are very important.

August 2018


I close out with a goodnight.


Ronee Gallien, your local friend at Elsinore.



About the Writer
Ronee Gallien, staff writer

Senior at Elsinore High who enjoys art and painting, as well as poetry, and sharing wisdom about personal wellness and the importance of mental health ! A FTM transgender dude on a mission to happiness.

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