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Time is a construct that has been created in order to travel from point A to point B. With the infinite number of universes that have been theorized, time continues to tick, and as individuals start to perceive life through its many perspectives, they tend to experience the negative aspects of their existence. But, however, recognizing the shortcomings of life grants the ability to fully embrace the beauty of human existence. Despite sadness having a negative connotation towards its name, it should instead have a positive.

As people age, they often like to reflect on their past. This gives the opportunity for humans to have recollections about memorable experiences they have had before. In doing so, this paves the way for individuals to recall the happier days, rather than the depressing. Thus, having positive memories allows for humans to see the importance of life. An example would be when an individual learns about the death of a close one, because instead of remembering the negative aspects of the deceased, he or she would most likely recall the positive experiences of the person who passed away.

Oftentimes, recalling important memories often leads to tears. For men, it may be seen as a weakness, since males are reared to fulfill the stereotype of a “man.” This often leads to boys growing up without knowing the importance of crying. This in turn, demonstrates the possibility of them not knowing how to react to tragic events, since they view sensitivity as a weakness. Ultimately, the stereotype of being sad in males should be removed, because it is, in fact, dehumanizing society. The fear of showing one’s weakness should have a positive connotation towards it, since it demonstrates an individual’s ability to care about a certain topic.

As society advances further, it is imperative to remove the negative connotation of “sad.” The effects of embracing sadness allow for humans to fully comprehend the importance of life, thus paving the way for a more caring society.