Studying for Finals

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With first semester coming to an end, finals are approaching. Some teachers will give students a cumulative exam while others may test students on one chapter. Either way, these tests are undoubtedly stressful. A final is a student’s last chance to improve his or her grade. To help prepare for these exams, students should take advantage of time. By starting to review items that were taught in the beginning of the year a few weeks before the final, the amount of information that students will cram the night before is reduced. Here are some studying tips to ensure a quality exam score:

First, find a quiet environment where you can study alone. If group studying works for you, then invite a group of friends who can stay focused on the task. Second, make flashcards out of old notes. Flashcards are convenient tools to help you memorize different kinds of information. Third, prioritize the tests. Students should spend most of their study time on the class that they need the most improvement on. If the final exam will not change your letter grade, focus on another class. Fourth, take breaks. Taking a break to eat a snack or go for a short walk can help relieve stress. Fifth, go to sleep. On the night before your exam, you should be getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep for your brain to perform at its best.