Technology vs. Not Technology

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The advancement of technology allows humans to have constant interaction with another. Many individuals tend to believe modernization is making life easier. But, however, as a student finishing his last years of high school, I have been able to fully experience the transition from hard copies to digital. In my understanding, using technology to gather information has been found more difficult, since assignments are created to be more challenging, with the knowledge that information is practically given on the internet. Teachers would admittedly say that they are making the assignment more demanding, since answers can be found on the net. On the contrary, assignments that had no internet connection would often be considered simpler, because with the limited information, it would allow me to generalize and gather the information. An example would be if the teacher requires the students to write a report pertaining to climate change, if the students are permitted the access of the internet, it would be harder to write the report, since the internet has an insurmountable amount of information that requires students to pick and choose which site is valid.  Thus, having to force the teacher to make the assignment challenging. For an assignment that does not involve internet, the write-up would easier, since the teacher would most likely sympathize with the students, due to the lack of resources. Alhough technology is evolving, those who believe that it is ruining the youth is incorrect, due to the lack of sympathy given from teachers to students.