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There are times when I feel so alone

When I feel like no one is one my side

I sit for hours by myself

Left with absolutely no pride


                                                                Everyone I know

Would try to help if I let them in

But instead I hug them and wave

And put on a fake grin


If I knew the people that care

                                                                          Would really understand me

I’d be more open to telling them

How I’m not free


I’m a box clear box

                                                               And I’ve been trying to get out

No one knows I’m here

Since everyone takes another route


If someone out there

                                                                Knows what I mean

Stay strong and keep fighting

For one day you will be seen


Depression is a real thing people go through, and it often leads to suicide. If you have been feeling sadness more often than usual, talk to your counselor or a trusted adult who can and will help. It’s hard to talk to people when we think they won’t understand, but it’s necessary for us to get help in times where sadness overwhelms us.


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