Block Schedule

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With a majority of Elsinore High School participating in state testing, the school was forced to transition from a normal bell schedule, into block schedule. Though it only occurs for two weeks out of the whole school year, it is a rough transition for many since the students are not accustomed to spending over an hour in one class period, which would result in many drained students who would ultimately lack their ability to pay attention during a lecture. Having the small passing period between each class period on a normal day allows the students to stretch their legs and release their boarded-up emotions. If a student is frustrated with what he or she is learning in class that day, having that opportunity to vent out can pave the way for the student to be refreshed and ready for the next class of the day. But however, since block schedule removes the chance to release the emotions, it can make them frustrated and ultimately refuse to continue learning for that period. Block schedules should grant the students the accessibility to take a break during class. From personal experience, I went through block schedule numerous times and was not able to maintain my focus since, oftentimes, I would not understand the curriculum which in turn, made me frustrated. However, recently my teacher understood how long the period is and welcomed the students to go outside for a quick minute and stretch their legs. As a result, I was able to come back to class prepared and ready to learn. Though not everyone is the same as me but allowing the students to take a breather can benefit the student’s education as a whole