Are You Ready for Summer?

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This school year seemed to go by pretty fast with a very slow ending, and that is frustrating. I have never wanted summer vacation so bad in my life. As we inch closer and closer to the last day, I get more and more anxious. I am ready to go! I want to go swimming, and go on trips, and SLEEP IN. Sorry if I am a bit dramatic, but waking up on a school day is the most miserable thing to experience. Homework is such a drag, like whyyyy. Once summer comes I am going to get my tan on and head to the beach. I am ready to relax and have a good time. I am definitely not ready for senior year though, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Only two more months to go. Two more months of waking up early, class, and homework. Two more months until freedom! This summer I am supposed to be going to Seattle for a trip with my grandparents, and I am so excited! I love visiting new places, even though I get very homesick. I am a girl for fun, but I like the comfort of my own home better than anything else. I am prepared to, hopefully, make some crazy, fun, and cherishable memories. I am so excited that I can feel the sunburn already. Thank goodness I have kept these grades steady throughout the year. We love having no worries towards summer time, right? I just hope summer goes by super slow because I am not trying to come back so soon. Summer time is probably the only time I will get up on my own and get some type of physical activity. All in all, summer fun is around the corner and I cannot wait to soak in the sun, and dive into the pool.