My Desire

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Growing up, many kids were often preached to about the importance of pursuing one’s dream, and are brainwashed that in order to accomplish the dream, they must strive and work for it. Some students are natural-born talents while many others have to work their butts-off for the sake of keeping up with the talented individuals. From my perspective, I feel that the way to advance in any activity is through sheer willpower and hard work. My parents taught me that if I want to do anything remotely entertaining, I have to obtain an education so I have the wealth to do what I want. So I would often work hard at my studies because I believe what they have preached to me, and in doing so, my hard work has granted me many opportunities to continue my education after high school. My dream that I want to accomplish when I am older is for me to be happy and content; no matter what situation I am in, I want to be able to say that I am happy when I am older. I feel with a sense of urgency that continuing education is my best bet to obtain happiness, but however, the obstacle that is stopping me from advancing is the inability to choose what school is the best for me. I want happiness and that is my desire.