Sport Rivalry

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In the majority of the sports there are people on the same team that hate each other for one reason or another. Whether it be girl verses girl, boy verses boy, girl verses boy, or boy verses girl, there is always a rivalry of some sort. At some point it gets ridiculous because the bullying becomes nonstop. On one of the teams my girlfriend is being bullied for no reason but jealousy by an ex and jealousy of a rival.

My personal experience was in football all the way back in middle school where I was bullied for being a better quarterback and wide receiver than most of the kids on my football team despite being the fattest kid on the team. The bullying then was bad, but I can only image to what extent it would reach in high school. For this I am iffy on even joining a team for sports.

There is nothing to really do to stop the rivalry but to ignore your rival to the best of your ability because we are all our own person and that cannot be helped. Home life can be difficult for some and cause some to act out, but you never truly know. To conclude, sports are violent even off the field. You never know who you might meet and come to hate.