Respect at Elsinore

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Adults always seem to expect respect from people who are younger than them, specifically teenagers. Maybe I sound like a typical rebellious teen who is trying to stick it to the man, but in my opinion, some adults do not deserve the respect that they desire. When adults talk down to me or use a condescending tone, then they have automatically lost my respect. Why do adults expect respect when they don’t give it? Respect should be a mutual relationship between two people, not a one-way door.

Adults have authority over teenagers — makes sense — but when they abuse that power and authority they don’t deserve to be respected. We all learned in elementary school the golden rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” but do adults think that doesn’t apply to them?

Some teachers at this school are especially great violators of this golden rule. I know a teacher who has told his student that she is not going to succeed in life and has only made it thus far because she is privileged. I mean, that does not sound very respectful to me. I know a teacher who has laughed at the event of a student getting so stressed out that she rushed out of class crying. I know a teacher who has embarrassed a girl to the point of tears in front of her classmates only to say,”Oh, am I being mean about it? Because I could be way more mean if I wanted to be.” Then these same teachers have the audacity to scold their class and lecture the whole period about the class’s lack of respect. Now you’ve got to be kidding me.

School is about learning in a safe environment while expanding social and intellectual skills. The last thing students should worry about is their teacher bullying them and embarrassing them in front of the class. How are students supposed to learn how to treat other people when our own teachers treat us poorly?

Most teachers at Elsinore are very kind and respectful towards their students, but a select number of teachers here should rethink the way they interact with their students.