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Acts of kindness are very rare to find nowadays, especially in today’s modern society. Our officers, firefighters, paramedics and all other first responders risk their lives on a daily basis, but they are very under-appreciated. Although, once in a while there are some people like Klynn Scales who appreciate their officers.

As an act of kindness, this nine-year-old girl would sit at her window and wave at an officer whenever he passed by. The police officer would return the greeting by waving back. The interaction helped to brighten both of their days. Later, the officer learned that Klynn didn’t exactly have the easiest childhood, and there was a reason her neighborhood was patrolled so frequently.Growing up, Klynn Scales would help her mother take care of her younger brothers. However, the Kansas City neighborhood where Klynn lived was not a good one. The new neighborhood is so dangerous that a police patrol was required to drive through every day. Klynn looked forward to seeing the officer drive by because it was reassurance that she and her brothers were safe. It was the connection she made with her police officer friend that would eventually save her life.

Klynn Scales and the officer waving at each other had become a routine. They had grown attached to each other. Klynn would later say that the officer was the one person she could truly trust as a child. She looked forward to waving at him each day and the officer looked forward to returning the greeting just as much. One day, Klynn wasn’t there to wave at him and he knew that something was wrong. Given the change in their routine and the neighborhood Klynn lived in, the officer took her absence as a warning sign. When Klynn wasn’t there to wave at him, the officer’s instincts told him that something wasn’t right. He pulled over and approached the house. Eventually, he opened the front door and entered the home. What he found was frightening, Klynn was lying on the floor trying to breathe.Thankfully the officer had quickly taken action based on his instincts, and those actions ultimately saved his little friend’s life. The doctors who treated Klynn said that she was suffering from severe malnutrition. The doctors said that had the officer not gotten her to them when he did, Klynn would likely have died.