“Lockdowns Bother Me”

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“Lockdowns Bother Me”

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Some weeks ago in Advisement class, EHS students received a talk where teachers advised us how to act in case a Lockdown is announced.

In my class, a particular girl raised her hand to give her opinion about it and personally I could never agree more with her. She said that the fact that we are the ones who have to receive a class to protect ourselves in case of emergency is what bothers her.

It has been a while since then so I do not remember very well her words but her way of expressing herself was clear:

“It bothers me that because of those people who do not value their own lives and the lives of others, the school has to teach us how to protect ourselves.”

In my personal experience when I transferred to this school, I had no idea that the Lockdown drills were even… a thing… since -fortunately- a tragedy like these has never happened in my country.

Until then, I believed that in the whole world only drills were carried out in case of natural disasters, never Lockdowns.

I remember I was in one of my classes listening to music with my earbuds on when a Lockdown was announced through the speakers. I didn’t  understand very well what was happening because I didn’t hear the announcement very well and the fact that the teacher locked the door, covered the windows and then turned off the lights while telling us to sit on the floor… terrified me.

At that time, the news about a shooting in a school in Florida traveled the whole world and in my ignorance, many things went through my mind.

Although during the first minutes I felt that my heart was sinking, I did not panic because everyone around me seemed very calm and in a short time I deduced that it was a drill.

Since then it is an experience that is marked in my mind by the sudden horror it caused in me.

So, yes… I understand deeply why that girl feels upset about the Lockdowns… that this kind of drill became normal, even the simple fact that it exists is completely unfair.

Having to learn to protect your life in a place that should be safe for all, is simply heartbreaking.