You’re Not Alone

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You’re Not Alone

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As people, we can be incredibly ignorant. Sometimes we are not able to distinguish each other’s emotions and the situation they are in.

It does not matter if this sounds cliché, because I will repeat it as many times as necessary… we’re all fighting our own battle, some of us, the hardest ones.

We all know what it is to smile when you’re not really well, we all know what it is to cry when no one is watching, we all know the feeling of being alone… and it’s completely okay to feel bad sometimes.

What is not right is to ignore that your problems are still there.

It’s not good because those repressed feelings can turn into something worse.

If at any time you feel that your problems need professional help, please do not hesitate to look for it.

Don’t let the stereotypes created by ignorance trap you in a place from which you can get out with some help. You may not be aware of this many times, but close to you there will always be someone who will give you their full support.

Try to think about the people around you… think about how much it would affect them if at some point you decided to give up on yourself…

It may be difficult for you to realize it when you find yourself in a dark hole in which you can’t see anything… but you have an incalculable and totally irreplaceable value.

DON’T abandon your dreams, DON’T abandon yourself, DON’T forget who you are… and please, NEVER let it be too late…