Senior Pranks!

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Senior Pranks!

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Every year, the new Senior classes want to make history in their own way… many of these ways of making history consist of making innocent and funny jokes to teachers or underclassmen, which are known as Senior Pranks.

And not only that! Many Seniors have been planning some challenges for this last week.

Pleasant challenges that can go from using a sign that says “Free hugs,” dancing at lunchtime to a song you like, singing in the middle of the hallway, even to reliving the old school style by sending a note confessing to the person you like.

Honestly, the ideas are unlimited and it would be nice to make the next generations remember us for doing something simple but fun.

Of course, I repeat… INNOCENT AND FUNNY!

If you can’t think of any ideas, you can create little cards and hide them around the school, for example “2019 class did it!,” Even sneak them inside the books with the inscription “You’ve been tagged by the 2019 class, now it’s your class’s turn to plan a prank!”

There are literally millions of things you can do, many people have uploaded videos of the Senior Pranks or Challenges they have done and it’s a trend that becomes viral at this time of the year.

Come on, Seniors! Encourage yourself to participate this week in a Senior Prank or Challenge with your group of friends!