The Controversy Around Billie Eilish


If you keep up with the latest music, chances are, you have most likely heard of Billie Eilish. Billie is a seventeen-year-old female singer. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. She has taken the music industry by storm, with a follower count of thirty-five point one million on Instagram as of August 2019. But even with a huge fanbase, people still wonder if she is making depression more common among teenagers. Her music ranges from upbeat songs, like “Bellyache” to sad, slow songs such as “Listen Before I Go” and “I Love You.” Many people say that her music is often sad and depressing. Others say that they enjoy the true emotions and feelings that she puts into it. There is much controversy around her and her music. Parents of teenagers who listen to her have had mixed feelings about this situation. Either way, you can’t deny that she’s taking over the music industry, being one of the most streamed female artists in the world.