The First Day of High School

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On my first day back to school it was really hard for me wake up, and I was really excited to go to school. When I got to school I saw a lot of friends and people I knew. I walked up to my friends and we were talking about a lot of the stuff we did over summer. When the bell rang I walked to class with my friends and had a chat about where we were going to meet up at break. When I walked in my advisory I didn’t recognize anyone but during the periods I started making new friends. When break came I was excited to show my friends the new friends I made. They were learning new things about each other and we were all talking about how what we are going to do better this year.

I learned a lot about the stuff they offer here on campus, but none of the things they offered caught my attention. We all checked our schedule to see if we had any classes with each other, and it turned out that we had a lot of classes with each other. When the bell rang after break we walked back to our advisory to learn about what we can do and we can not. We also learned about were our classes would be on the next day. The teacher was telling us about the 40 hours of community service we had to do in order to graduate. When lunch came around I was getting bored in class so I was excited to see my friends again. We were all talking about how high school was so different from middle school like sometimes you’re allowed to be on your phone during class and you are allowed to be on it at lunch. My friends and I talked about everything they told us, then we just started playing on our phones. When the last two periods came by I was getting really excited to go home and play, but we were just learning what we were going to be doing all year and what our classes would be like. My teacher was telling us what our classes would be like and how the teachers would be, and when the final bell rang I went to go say bye to all my friends and go home and wait till the next day.