Student’s Getting Locked Outside of Class


It’s a New Year in Elsinore, and we have an exciting new rule that everyone is going to love! The new rule is if you get to class after the bell rings you are going to have to go get a late pass in the office. The reason for implementing this new rule is because of student safety and to make kids get to class on time. Many students and teachers have said that the new rule is dumb because it is just going to disrupt the class even more because of students getting to class even more late. Well those people just don’t understand the philosophy that comes with the new rule. They do not understand that the new rule is superior to any other rule that has ever been made in the history of any school rule. No more students getting late to class. No more students having no consequences for their actions. No more girls getting to class 2 minutes late with a Starbucks iced coffee in their hand. Now instead of people being 2 minutes late to class, they are going to be 5 to 10 minutes late. Overall this new rule has no flaws and is completely perfect.