Is the Tardy Policy Too Strict?


Recently the staff has created a new tardy policy here at Elsinore High School, stating that if a student does not make it to class on time they will be locked out and the student will have to go to the office for a slip. I believe that this new policy is too strict and will cause students to miss important information that the teacher may have said. Yes, it is not good for students to be late to class as much, but students may have to walk across the campus to get to their classes and walking through the hallways might be to difficult for some students because everyone is rushing to get to their class before the bell and this may cause an injury from all the pushing and shoving.

For example, I have a friend that has class in the 5oo building and she has to walk across campus to get to her next class in the 300 building and she has to get through the hallway with everyone in her way stopping to talk, and there are people behind her pushing so they can get to class. It is understandable that everyone wants to get to class on time but there is a way for everyone to get there without hurting a fellow classmate. There will also be times where the student is late to class because they need to speak to a teacher and can’t make it to class on time. Again this is my opinion and there will be people who think differently of the tardy policy and some who will think the same, I respect all opinions and people will think what they want to think and I will respect that.