Antonio Brown Helmet Issue

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Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders has filed his second grievance against the NFL. Previously he filed his first one against the NFL over how the NFL has banned the helmet he’s been using for his whole career. Why did the NFL do this, you ask? Well, the NFL had to remove the helmet because it was now marked as unusable. Antonio Brown now has missed practice over this helmet issue and also suffered frostbite the week before, restricting him from practicing. Honestly, as a Steelers fan, he just needs to be out of the league. Over in Pittsburg when he started all this drama and demanding a trade, the NFL really saw how much of a drama queen he is. Now over in Oakland, where he hasn’t played a single game, he has started even more drama. Now thankfully, the GM of the Raiders, Mike Mayock, has gone to the press stating “So, from our perspective, it’s time for him to be all-in or all-out.”

At this point, Antonio Brown has returned to practice on Monday but filed his second grievance against the NFL over the helmet issue.