Elsinore High School’s Pep Rally


This week Elsinore High School is going to have the first pep rally of the year. In the first pep rally we get to see all the classes of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. When you get to school all the students wear red to support Elsinore High School. At the beginning of the pep rally so many people make a great sacrifice to play, dance, and pump up the pep rally! They really work hard to make posters and get people to support them. The pep rally shows how much the students from Elsinore High School love their school and appreciate being at the school. Cheerleaders and dance production come out and dance for Elsinore High School and also band comes out and play their instruments. Then Elsinore High School has a spirit jug which is used when every class has to scream GO BIG RED, GO BIG RED AHHHHH! The class that is the loudest wins. In the pep rally they also show videos that students make at Elsinore High School. There is also the main person that puts music in the background and at the end we hear music after the pep rally is over and go back to our classes.