Hello Week Recap


For the past week, the students of Elsinore High School have been rapidly adjusting into the semester. Along with getting back into the “studying spirit,” our ASB leaders have orchestrated dress-up days for Hello Week. That’s right, Tigers. Everyone’s favorite dress-up week is back and better than ever! Our campus has been filled with music festival junkies, wild western cowboys, and childhood throwbacks, embracing Elsinore’s reputation of being an extremely spirited school. Here’s all the themed dress-up days the Tigers have been buzzing about:

-Maui Monday

-Tie Dye Tuesday

-Western Wednesday

-Throwback Thursday

-Funky Friday

Many students at our school believe that Hello Week is one of our top most popular dress-up weeks and is something everyone at school can have fun participating in. But don’t just take my word for it…

“Other than Toxic Red Week, Hello Week is certainly one of the most popular dress-up weeks at our school,” said Rylee Furlow, 2021.

Dillon Payne, 2021, describes Western Wednesday in three words… “Yee. Haw. Cowboy.”