Amazon in Flames

Yareli Guerrero, staff writer

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The Amazon rainforest is the host of the richest and biggest biodiversity of ecosystems on the planet, as well as supplying hydropower for millions of people. As of late July the fire has consumed 2471.05 acres of environmental reserve, and not only is causing severe damage to our environment but also endangering the people and animals that live in the area. Massive negative feedback has broken through social media, with the trending hashtag “PrayforAmazonia,” ┬ábecause the fire has been happening for three weeks now and no news outlet has covered the story. According to NASA, the Amazon itself has been fire-resistant through out history, for the most part, because of its moist and humid conditions. Sadly, recent increase of frequent and intense droughts, which is linked to climate change, as well as human activity in the rainforest, has led to an increase of fires within the Amazon. This can be a problem because experts are saying the forest is approaching a point where it would be hard to recover or fix the damage, meaning parts of the Amazon are no longer able to produce their own rainfall. This can have huge complications to global warming because the rainforest is otherwise known as ” lungs of the planet” due to the large amounts of carbon it absorbs from the atmosphere.