UCL Draw


The most important Club Football (Soccer) tournament is back. There are many relatively easy groups for many of the powerhouse teams and then there are some that are pretty difficult.

In Group A  we have Club Brugge (Belgium) who no one thinks are getting out of the group stage. Then we have Galatasaray (Turkey) who only has a little bit of a chance of advancing to the round of 16 but most likely they won’t. PSG (France) have to be one of the teams who have the biggest pressure of winning the whole competition after being massive disappointments these past few years. Real Madrid (Spain) is the best team in the competition’s history. They also have massive pressure after getting eliminated last year by underdog semifinalists Ajax.

Prediction: 1. PSG 2. Real Madrid 3. Galatasaray 4. Club Brugge

In Group B there is Bayern Munich (Germany) who isn’t a super scary team like it used to be, but it is still Bayern and they will always be good. Crvena Zvzda (Serbia) legit have no chance whatsoever. Olympiacos (Greece) is 100% getting third place in the group. Last years runner’s up Tottenham Hotspurs, look to be even better than last year and could actually win the competition.

Prediction: 1. Bayern Munich 2. Spurs 3. Olympiacos 4. Club Brugge

Group C has one amazing team and 3 other teams. Manchester City (England) will easily top this group. Atalanta (Italy) will look to impress on their first ever Champions league competition. Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) is a champions league regular that has good experience. Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) is not going to do anything.

Prediction: 1. Man City 2. Atalanta 3. Shakhtar Donetsk 4. Dinamo Zagreb

Group D will not be all that interesting either as we already know who is going on to the round of 16. Atletico Madrid (Spain) has an easy pass to the next stage of the competition, Same with Cristiano Ronaldo’s team in Juventus (Italy). That means that poor Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) and Lokomotiv Moscow (Russia) have no chance and will have to compete for the third spot which guarantees a Europa League spot.

Prediction: 1. Atletico  Madrid 2. Juventus 3. Lokomotive Moscow 4. Bayer Leverkusen

Group E should be an easy group to predict. Genk (Belgium) is getting last. Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) might give the other teams tough games but I don’t see it being a good campaign for Red Bull. Napoli (Italy) is my favorite team at the moment and hopefully they do good in this competition. Liverpool (England) are the favorite to win this group since they are currently the champions of the competition.

Prediction: 1. Liverpool 2. Napoli 3. Red Bull Salzburg 4. Genk

Group F is a group of death. Barcelona (Spain) looks to once again be the best team in the world by winning the competition. Borussia Dortmund (Germany) is wanting to make a deep run which they haven’t done in a while. Inter (Italy) has a new coach and many new players which are very good. Slavia Praha (Czech Republic) has no chance of advancing to the next round.

Prediction: 1. Barcelona 2. Dortmund 3. Inter 4, Slavia Praha

Group G might not have any super teams but they all are pretty equal teams which will be the hardest group to predict. Benefica (Portugal) have the most experience in the competition and always do decent. Lyon (France) lost many of their stars over the summer, but is always going to be a threat. RB Leipzig (Germany) is really good this season and will be hoping to make it to the next stage. Zenit (Russia) is good but they can be inconsistent in the champions league.

Prediction: 1. Benefica 2. RB Leipzig 3.Zenit 4. Lyon

Group H is the last group and it is also a group of death. Ajax (Netherlands) is last year’s fairy tale team by eliminating many of the best teams in the competition, the only problem is that they sold their two best players. Chelsea (England) are the favorite to win the group even though they are inexperienced in everything. LOSC (France) is a decent team going up against other good teams, so I don’t expect them to do very well. Valencia(Spain) have a good chance of advancing to the next stage of the competition.

Prediction: 1. Ajax 2. Chelsea 3. Valencia 4. LOSC