Tenaja Fire

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On September 4th, 2019 around 4pm, a fire spread in the Murrieta area, growing quickly from 25 acres 30 minutes after starting to being 1,400 acres and only 7% contained almost 15 hours later. The whole Murrieta school district closed school for Thursday and was being evacuated in that area but what about LEUSD schools? EHS didn’t close school Thursday, September 5th but I think, and I’m pretty sure many others think this too, that was a bad call. There were ashes falling because of the fire and I don’t think that’s good for anyone to be breathing in, especially with the fire being only in Murrieta. The wind could pick up and start blowing this way and make the air quality even worse than it already is. Hopefully the fire gets out soon, because this is no good!