School Food, Is It Good?

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As you may have heard, students complain about school food. To teachers, this may not seem like a problem since most of them bring their own food, yet this is not the case for students. Some students only have access to food at school due to personal problems so we should come together to fix what is being given to us. From moldy chicken to plastic beef, students are disgusted. Maybe changing the whole school menu is a tough process but all we want is chicken that we can chew on without it looking purple and beef that does not taste like pure plastic. The picture below was taken by me which shows that we are not making this up since some teachers do not believe us and say we exaggerate over this situation. During school, students should worry about their education and not the fact that they have to bring their own lunch because the school does not supply good food. We want change and hopefully it starts with this story.