Buccaneers Get BIG Win Over the Panthers


Last night, Thursday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a huge win over their Rivals. During the first quarter, the Panthers were on a roll scoring a quick 3 points. But the Buccaneers were not going to let that happen. After a big stop on the defense the Bucs have the ball ready to score, until a weather delay came in possibly allowing both teams to rest up. The Bucs scored a field goal, tying the score. Now after the 1st quarter both teams score the same amount of points making it a pretty close score. Now in the 4th quarter with 1 min on the clock the Panthers are facing a fourth and one at the Bucs redzone possibly making a comeback and winning. The play was Christian McCaffrey, Panthers star running back, getting the snap and running the ball right in. But the Buccaneers had other plans by stopping him right at the goal line and preventing the score. With it being 4th and 1 the Buccaneers took over possession and won the game 20-14.