Can CBD Really Help With Cancer?


Ever since CBD has been legalized we all ask the question: can it actually help us get better? Well, in this case, it can.  First, let’s explain what exactly is cancer? Cancer is a type of disease when your body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. There are multiple different types of cancers but the common symptoms are pain, fatigue, nausea and unexplained weight loss.

CBD is mostly known as cannibidiol normally found in marijuana plants. Research says that CBD can help reduce side effects like pain and nausea and can even help patients get their appetite back. Research also states that a 2019 study on CBD shows it can promote cell death and make other cells more sensitive to radiation with no effect on healthy cells. This could be a good thing because it will hep people during their chemotherapy and radiation which is when unexplained weight loss could occur.

This CBD treatment will not work on all cancers but on most it will. Scientists are still doing studies about which cancer it helps the most. In Canada there is a CBD treatment that is being used for cancer patients to reduce pain and it is a mouth spray containing CBD and THC. CBD can be used in different forms like oils, edibles, vapes and the mouth spray that has not been approved in California but is used in Canada and Europe. In conclusion, CBD can help cancer by killing cancer cells, reducing pain, and making patients get their appetite back.