Why Do Women Doctors Get Paid Less?

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Female surgeons in Ontario earn 24 percent less than their male counterparts, according to a new study. Men and women spent the same amount of time working on surgeries but women had fewer chances to perform higher paying surgeries. According to research, within six years of completing training 22.6% of women physicians were not working full time compared to 3.6% of male physicians. The reason for this is because women doctors take time off to care for their children. Dr. Dossa in interview said, ” There’s often this view that women are choosing these things. Women are choosing these specialties and choosing to do certain types of procedures. But I can assure you women aren’t choosing consciously to make less money.” Now it’s time to stop trying to fix women and blame them. We have to do something to create a solution to this because in the next 30 years we’re going to be having the same discussion.